The many benefits of wearing foot orthotics

Snowflakes and feet

Did you know that feet are very similar to snowflakes? That’s right! Just like no two snowflakes are the same, no two feet are the same! Even your two feet that are on your body differ. Many feet differ in size and shape; however, there are some common foot problems that are experienced by all feet, no matter how different they are. Some are hereditary such as hammertoes while other foot problems are caused by a range of different factors. Many common foot problems are not very serious and can be treated through simple measures; however, there are those that require immediate medical attention. 

Most Common Foot Problems


This condition is caused when the muscles of the toe get out of balance and cause painful toe problems and causes the middle joint of the toes to bend downward.


Flatfoot is another common foot condition that occurs when the sole of the foot comes into complete contact with the ground. This condition is commonly inherited but may be caused by an injury. Read More...

Plantar Fasciitis and Treatment Options Explained

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a very common foot problem that causes a lot of pain at the bottom of the heel. This condition is caused when the plantar fascia, a thin ligament located at the bottom of your foot and connecting your toes to your heel, becomes inflamed. This ligament is very important to you being able to walk and as you walk or run, it experiences wear and tear and after prolonged period of wear and tear, it becomes torn or damaged. When the plantar fascia becomes torn or damaged it becomes inflamed resulting in a sharp pain at the bottom of the heel. It also causes the heel to become very stiff.

Who are most affected by this condition?

Men and women between the ages of forty and seventy are at the highest risk of obtaining this condition; however, some women and some men within this age category are at higher risks than others. Those who are at the most risks are those that are overweight and those who are very active. Read More...

Heel Spurs: A Common Foot Problem

A heel spur is a common foot problem that arises when there are calcium deposits on the heel bone. Though characteristically not painful, heel bone calcification can affect the connective tissue around them and cause quite some discomfort.

In order to properly diagnose heel spurs, an x-ray examination is usually necessary. Some heel spurs grow up to more than half an inch and can over time get very uncomfortable. Read More...


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I had been wearing insoles for the past three weeks but still suffered from foot pain every day, until a friend recommended you. After the consultation, I realised that I have been using the wrong insert for my condition. Its been a week and counting and the pain has reduced dramatically. Thank you

By Peter Arnold

Thank you for the orthotics. I had tried a few before I finally settled on yours after I noticed a considerable improvement. Sometimes I forget that I have been suffering from foot pain! The insoles are soo comfortable.

By Eva Lucas

Hi there! I had been suffering from constant foot pain for several months, and tried all sorts of inserts with no success. I decided to try Jack Orthotics after my brother recommended them. I was abit sceptical, but I am glad I tried because I haven't experienced foot pain in a week!

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